Pat & Stan

39 episodes - 7 Minutes

Plot Summary

Best friends Pat & Stan can't help turning everything into a crazy adventure.Bursting with energy and humour, this tireless twosome love to play practical jokes not only on each other, but also on the cast of colourful characters in their town!

Additional Notes

Target age: 6 – 9 years (and all “big kids”!)
Animation Technique: CGI in full HD quality

001/ BATH DAY by Pyer Coffin

It’s the 11th of April : Stan’s bath day ! Despite Pat’s insistence, Stan isn’t going to cooperate for a wash & scrub…he hates baths! Pat enlists Stuart’s help to put into action all possible means to catch and wash Stan.

002/ CYBER STUART by Gark

Pat is playing a deeply engrossing video game in the living room when Stan passes by. Stan notices that Stuart’s in the video game, thanks to Professor Chi-chi’s latest invention allowing you to BE the player in the video game! It’s precisely thanks to this that Pat has managed to get to level 9. But suddenly there’s an unexpected computer bug and Stuart is trapped inside this virtual world full of danger. Pat, Stan and the professor Chi Chi need to come together to get Stuart back to the real world…before it’s too late!

003/ MOSQUITO WARNING by Lionel Moreau

Stan is happy as he’s going to be on the front page of tomorrow’s paper along with Professor Chi Chi and his new invention. Unfortunately, that very evening a mosquito gets in the house and Pat & Stan do everything to get rid of it : Stan can’t afford to have a mosquito bite on his nose for tomorrow’s photo session! After a sleepless night, we learn the next day that the Professor’s invention has disappeared…so long to the front page! But…is there a link between last night’s mosquito and the Professor’s invention?

004/ WILD CAMPING by H. & L. Nicourt

Pat & Stan go camping ! With their backpacks loaded, Pat is all excited about the idea of camping and being in the nature, which is the total opposite of Stan. Between the moths, the spiders, mutant zombies and stange sounds in the dark, their night under the tent soon becomes a nightmare! But there is a solution to camp in total peace and security…

005/ THE POOL by Lionel Moreau

It’s a heat wave! With Stuart’s help Pat decides to dig a pool in the back yard. Stan, exhausted by the heat doesn’t want to lift a finger to help dig in this heat. Pat warns him : if he doesn’t help dig he won’t be allowed to swim in the pool! Stan decides to find other ways to cool himself off, but neither prove to be very efficient…

006/ PAT & STAN ARTISTS ! by Fred Lebolloc’h

Stan is going to a conference given by Professor Chi Chi on recycling of house trash while Pat plans to stay home and play video games. During Stan’s absence Pat discovers that in fact he’s at Stephanie’s place for a private art class! Pat’s been duped but he won’t let Stan get away with this so easily…

007/ MY FRIEND HELMUT  by Nicolas Gallet

Stan is listening to music full blast, much to the annoyance of Pat who’s worried about keeping things quiet for Helmet, his virtual pet. Pat then decides to go outside for some fresh air and to calm down when a gust of wind slams the front door on him, locking him out of the house! Pat bangs on the door and rings the doorbell but obviously Stan doesn’t hear anything with the music so loud. It’s almost Helmet’s feeding time, so Pat is going to have to break in his own house, but how?

008/SUPER LOSERS by Hervé Eparvier

It’s nightime, and all is quiet and dark in Professor’s Chi Chi’s house. The professor is sleeping soundly whensuddenly, a shadow breaks into his lab. Discreetly, the thief approaches the lab table and steals an old coffee machine. No big deal right? Wrong! The coffee machine contains a nuclear capsule capable of destroying the world ! Everything is going to explode in the next two hours and the infamous Brutox is behind this evil scheme to destroy humanity. If only Pat-Man and Woof Man could stop him!

009/ THE DEATH OF NORBERT by Hervé Eparvier

Pat & Stan decide to go to the seaside for the weekend with Stephanie. What luck! But at the last minute Stan realizes he forgot Norbert, his stuffed animal! Where could he be? He must have been kidnapped! Stan embarks on an investigation to find out who’s behind this, and the terrible truth shall be revealed!

010/ PAT, KEEP THE RABBITS ! by Lionel Moreau

Momo has got the measles, and Pat & Stan are babysitting him along with the rest of Lili’s litter. Pat is keeping his distance from Momo, you never know how contagious the virus is…Stan isn’t worried he’s already had the measles when he was a kid. Anyhow, he won’t be around too long as he’s going to get his portrait painted by Stephanie! It’s an old family tradition for Stan, from generation to generation the family picture gallery gets longer and longer. Pat, now alone with the kids tries to keep Momo away from his siblings to avoid a massive contamination and breakout, in vain! They all catch the measles. Meanwhile Stan probably didn’t choose the best time to be painted by Stephanie…

011/ DOUBLE PAT by Hervé Eparvier

It’s spring cleaning time! The lawn needs to be mowed, the trash emptied, window frames painted, garage cleaned etc. Stan is already good to go but Pat prefers to be lazy and play video games. Stan forces Pat to go to Professor Chi Chi’s to get the lawnmower. Pat obliges reluctantly. Once there, a very busy Professor Chi Chi tells Pat where to find the lawnmower. Among the inventions Pat finds the lawnmower but also the latest prototype for a strange “photocopier” that can clone a person…Eureka! Pat suddenly becomes very very active to the pleasure of the whole neighborhood and to Stan’s amazement…

012/A BUTTON ON THE NOSE by Hervé Eparvier

One morning Stan discovers with astonishment that he’s got a pimple on his nose. It’s a catastrophe. Pat, worried go and asks Professor Chi Chi for help. The Professor claims that Stan is suffering from a very very dangerous disease! He gives Pat a special cream that should cure Stan. Pat, afraid of worrying Stan hides the truth from him but things get worse. Pat decides to make another remedy thanks to his chemistry kit 3000. That’s when Stephanie, Emily and Stuart decide to drop by for a visit…

013/ THE BAND WAGON by Catherine Bernet et Romain Victor-Pujebet

Pat and Stan are rehearsing a play written by Stephanie. It’s for sure, they’ll manage to impress her with their amazing acting skills. Soon is the general rehearsal, and all the actors are there: Stephanie, Lili, Pat and Stan. Stuart is also there as a stage and props man, helping with the general production. Everything can begin! Pat and Stan as lead male roles try to outdo each other to impress the female lead and director: Stephanie. Who of these two romeos will win her heart?

014/  THE GAMMA ZAPPER by Gark & Joël Couttausse

Professor Chichi is testing his new invention : the GAMMA ZAPPER    ! This amazing device can scan the DNA contained in a simple penguin feather and project it into any living creature such as a hamster transforming it into a penguin! Of course nothing goes quite as planned and in a gigantic red flash, professor ChiChi is transformed into a penguin himself. The strange phenomenon is going to snowball and the entire town will be transformed into penguins. How will our friends go back to their original state ?

015/ BABY SITTERS by Joël Bassaget

Pat and Stan have been asked to babysit Lili’s kids. Everything seems to be going great until our two buddies lose track of the bunnies. Nothing to worry about though: it’s once again the tricky Momo who has convinced his brothers and sisters to play a massive game of hide and seek. The problem is the bunnies remain impossible to find despite all the tricks used by Pat and Stan to track them down. Lili rings at the door. How are they going to explain to her where they all disappeared?

016/ STUART DOES EVERYTHING by Joël Bassaget

It’s not looking good for the football match organized by all of Pat and Stan’s neighbors against the elephants: Stuart, their best player is completely lethargic. Pat and Stan decide to take care of him to ensure he’s in top physical condition. He needs to rest! During his recuperation, it’s up to Pat and Stan to handle the tasks usually undertaken by Stuart around the neighborhood and it won’t be easy contrary to what Pat and Stan initially thought! They need to take care of Lili’s bunnies; find Emily’s glasses; maintain professor Chichi’s hydraulic energy system or otherwise the entire neighborhood might explode…

017/ AUNT MARTHA MOVES by Joël Bassaget

While her house is being renovated, Aunt Martha is staying with her nephews. Between the morning aerobics, grocery shopping, gardening and cleaning sessions, her stay is turning into a bit of a nightmare for Pat and Stan. Professor Chichi offers his help to Stan who is about to blow a fuse, as it’s the perfect opportunity for the Professor to test his latest invention: the Psycho-switch ! This revolutionary device can influence peoples’ behavior and change their personality. Stan thinks this can potentially turn Aunt Martha into a “cool” aunt but the invention backfires and it’s Stan who becomes the guinea pig of this new invention!

018/ ROLL WITH IT by Nicolas Gallet

Pat’s latest book « How to be noticed by the girl of your dreams in ten lessons » gives him the confidence he needs to declare his love to Stephanie. He sneaks under Stephanie’s window wearing a musketeer hat in order to recite a poem to her. Unfortunately, Stephanie is listening to music and cannot hear him which is not the case of the three hens who were sleeping behind a bush and who fall madly in love with Pat. They soon start chasing him around and Pat will need all of Stan’s help to get rid of these of love-struck hens.

019/ TRUE-FALSE-BOBO by Fred Lebolloc’h

In order to escape having to go to aunt Martha’s with Pat, Stan fakes being sick. The problem is that Pat really becomes sick on his end because of Lili’s quirky son    ‘s fault and the symptoms are not pretty: Pat’s tail starts to grow and grow to worrying proportions…

020/ STING RECALL  by Babeth Patte

Stan is sleeping. Pat barges in announcing that Lili just called : she will be there shortly to give him his flea shot. Not a great day for Stan…but that’s the least of his worries. This very day keeps on repeating itself everytime he wakes up! Stan is going to have to learn to adapt!

021/ STEPHANIE LOVE by Elisabeth Patte & Joël Couttausse

It’s Pat’s birthday. In order to prepare the greatest party ever, Pat and Stan decide to ask the help of the fantastic Stephanie. Oddly enough, Stephanie does not seem very willing to cooperate and Pat and Stan find themselves facing a closed door after a chilly reception. Very strange… Does she have something to hide ? Pat finally manages to learn the truth : she is in love. Could it be Stuart? Our two buddies will do everything they can to get to the bottom of this.

022/ MICRO-STAN by Piano & Joël Couttausse

Stan has a meeting with Professor Chichi to help him with an experiment. It’s about testing a laser ray which can increase and reduce the size of objects and individuals to repair computer chips. When alone in the lab, Stan can’t resist playing with the device to change the size of the objects around him until a clumsy move turns him into an ant size creature. As he sets off to find Professor Chichi, he finds out that Pat has taken advantage of his absence to invite Stephanie on a date. Stan figures that his small size actually comes in very handy in order to sabotage Pat’s date…

 023/ BENGAL HAMSTER by Pyer Coffin

Stephanie and Pat have offered Stan a funny little hamster to help him calm down as he seems to be very stressed lately: Stephanie thinks the little creature will help his nerves to relax. The problem is the hamster is very aggressive with Stan when no one else is watching and no one believes Stan. Where does this creature come from ?

024/ IN SEARCH OF LOST TREASURE by Joël Bassaget

Aunt Martha just came across a strange map in an antique store and offers Pat and Stan to join her in a treasure hunt. With charades, enigmas, adventure and all the rest, what more can you ask for? The problem is the treasure hunt quickly turns out to be quite a nightmare for the team. Will the treasure live up to everyone’s expectations?

025/ PAT AND STAN POLES by Patrick Galliano

A titanium meteorite falls into the garden of Pat and Stan and makes a big seemingly bottomless hole. As our heroes are debating in the garden about how deep the hole is a loud sound startles them and causes them to jump in the hole. They wind up on the other side of the earth, where they face all sorts of dangers…

026/ DIG-O-MANIA by Patrick Galliano

Professor Chichi is in his rocket to go destroy a comet which is threatening earth. It’s Pat and Stan who are supposed to press the launch button for the rocket: but Pat is sick with a cold and has misplaced the launch key. The two buddies are desperately looking for the key and Professor Chichi is getting restless. Aunt Martha offers a vitamin health cocktail to Pat to put him back into shape. Unfortunately, it is Emily who drinks the hi-octane potion and becomes hyperactive and obsessed about digging holes, lots and lots of holes…Chichi’s rocket is not about to take off anytime soon.

027/ STAN PHONE HOME by Hervier Eparvier

Pat’s playing at being an extra terrestrial and it’s annoying Stan : there are just some subjects you don’t mock ! « He won’t look so clever when a real flying saucer lands in the garden » ! Stan challenges a skeptical Pat to examine the sky with professor Chi-Chi’s telescope!  He’ll see then that aliens exist!  But Pat decides to play practical joke on him instead and with the help of Stuart, Stan is called by the alien Coulinou Alpha of the Centaur, to rejoin him on his distant planet …

028/ ASTRO-SPOUNTZ by Elisabeth Patte

As it’s her birthday, Pat and Stan decide to surprise Stephanie and borrow professor Chichi’s old rocket. Objective Moon!  The take-off goes ahead without a hitch, but the rocket shudders and lands on a mysterious planet where all sorts of fabulous plants grow.  It’s a mystery…

029/ ONE NIGHT DOG by Lionel Moreau

Professor Chichi arrives at Pat and Stan’s in a panic and asks them if he can stay the night.  He was fine-tuning an invention when BANG, his house and his laboratory exploded.  Stan offers up his bed while he sleeps on the sofa in the living room.  It’s like sleeping on a bed of nails.  To top it off professor Chichi is a sleepwalker… It’s going to be a long, hard night.  

030/ THE RETURN OF STUART by Lionel Moreau

Stuart returns from his vacation. It’s a bit of a surprise when he notices all his friends seem to be avoiding him.  Down heartened, Stuart takes refuge with Pat and Stan, who although hesitant at first, take him in.  The truth is that all his friends are secretly preparing a surprise party for his return… with Stuart now living where the party is due to take place complicates things…to say the least!


With the help of Stuart, Pat and Stan invite Aunt Marthe over for dinner. They want to ask her for the keys to her house by the sea for the weekend. Operation: nephew charm ! Obviously it all goes badly until Aunt Martha spontaneously offers them the keys they want. But this is without counting on what happens next …

032/ PAT’S PET by Joël Bassaget

Pat, in the middle of a "cold war" with Stan, makes friends with a spider he finds in the attic.  He decides to adopt it … to the great displeasure of Stan who refuses to live with an insect:  "Living under the same roof as Roro (this is first name that Pat gives to his new friend) is out of the question!".  Especially because the next day the two friends are hosting a dinner for their friends Emily, Stuart and Stephanie.  Not everyone appreciates spiders!  Initially hidden in a jar for the evening, the spider flees its prison creating general panic among the guests.  Where is Roro?

033/ NASALATION by Nicolas Gallet

The mailman delivers a small package to Pat.  Stan grabs it out of Pat’s hands and runs away to open it himself! The package contains a perfume spray which the advertising boasts is 100% guaranteed, making everyone fall in love with whoever wears it. Stephanie won’t be able to resist him...  But the result is disastrous:  everyone steers clear of Stan because of his horrendous smell…

034/ A SHORT BREAK  by Nicolas Gallet

Professor Chichi has repaired the remote control for Pat and Stan’s television. At last! But suddenly, the remote overheats and starts crackling and everything around Pat and Stan slows down as if someone had hit the ‘PAUSE’ button : the mailman is frozen in a ridiculous position while delivering his mail and even an airplane stops in the sky above the neighborhood!  Pat and Stan decide have fun by taking photos of all their friends in the ridiculous positions they’ve come to a standstill in.  Once their joke has been carried out, they put everyone back on PLAY.  Except that … the remote seems blocked on PAUSE.  From that moment on PAT and STAN are alone in the world…

035/ THE GREAT VACATION by Nicolas Gallet

Before leaving on vacation, Stan installs an ULTRA PERFECTED alarm system in case a thief has the bad idea of burglarizing them while they’re away.  The system is connected to an extremely intelligent MEGA COMPUTER.  While they’re getting ready to take the car out of the garage, Pat makes a blunder and all the alarm systems are engaged. Result: the house, piloted by the MEGA COMPUTER, locks down all the doors and shutters. Pat and Stan find themselves imprisoned in their own house …

036/ EGG SURPRISE by Joël Couttausse

It’s Easter morning and the hunt for Easter Eggs begins. All of Lili’s young rabbits — as well as Ricky and Bob are jumping in excitement while they carry their baskets.  Momo finds a magnificent egg, which is big, blue and spotty!  This is a real egg… about ready to hatch!  Professor Chichi suggests to Pat that they incubate it… until the egg cracks and gives birth to a baby penguin.  Pat decides to raise it, which does not please Stan too much…  

037/ THE GHOST OF AUNT PATTY by Hervé Eparvier

In the attic, Pat has just discovered a picture of his Mammy Madeleine.  He proudly shows it to Stan and Stéphanie.  He would really like to hang it in the living room, but Stan adamantly refuses.  And so follows a battle between the two friends and the picture finishes up in pitiful state.  Annoyed, Pat goes to see professor Chichi to feed his hamster and discovers a strange invisibility paint.  With this he can avenge himself against Stan by being the ghost of Mammy Madeleine.  

038/ SCARE ME IF YOU CAN by Patrick Galliano

Pat must win the singing competition at the neighbor’s party!  Stan, his vocal coach, is training Pat by making him do some singing exercises.  There’s no question that Stuart will win again this year, just like last.  To gather strength, Pat swallows a whole sandwich in one go, as his friend looks on encouragingly… Gulp!  But he’s overcome by an uncontrollable hiccup that shakes his whole body… If this hiccup does not pass he will not be able to participate in the competition tonight.  The two friends concentrate on ridding Pat of his hiccups.  Until Aunt Martha pitches in and proposes a miracle remedy: to scare Pat witless!

039/ GRAND HOTEL by Joël Bassaget

Pat and Stan install a special antennae which will enable them to receive twelve thousand TV channels!  On top of that, it’s almost like you can touch and smell the sporting games!  But as they’re installing it, a flash of light streaks across the sky.  The antennae is hit by lightning, and electrical arcs shoot out in all directions; towards Stuart’s caravan, Emily’s house and Stephanie’s workshop who consequently find themselves without any water or electricity.  Our two friends find they have to welcome their friends, while at the same time trying to find a way to repair all the damage they’ve caused… But especially to find a way to get back twelve thousand channels.